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Eric Andersen "What is ......?"

Joseph Beuys "Comments on Fluxus"

George Brecht "Somethning About Fluxus"

Philip Corner "Flux'Is Us"

Textes d'Henry Flynt

Henry Flynt "Action Against Cultural Imperialism"

Henry Flynt "Fight Musical Decoration of Fascism"

Ken Friedman "Forty Years of Fluxus"

Dick Higgins "A Child's History of Fluxus"

Ruud Janssen with Dick Higgins "Tam Mail-Interview Project"

George Maciunas "Manifesto on Art/Fluxus Art Amusement" (1965)

Yoko Ono "Lectures on Events"

Nam June Paik "Postmusic, The Monthly Review of the University for Avant-garde Hinduism"

Ben Vautier "Text on the Fluxus"

Emmett Williams "An Opera"



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